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Grateful to walk together, keep in mind the original intention

Date:2022-06-28 13:43:36 Clicks:

    How time flies, carrying passion and joy, hope and prospect, Guangdong Kenwei has gone through its 16 years. Looking back on the development track of the past 16years, there are the hardships of the road,the bitterness of the twists and turns, and the consolation of the brilliant achievements.


    In 16 years, Kenwei started from a stumble at the beginning of the business, and today has cooperative customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. With excellent product quality and the business philosophy of integrity first, it has gradually developed into a global professional intelligent weighing and packaging equipment. manufacturer.The growth of Kenwei is inseparable from the hard-working workers and it is the strong support and loyalty of the partners. Thank you for your trust and sincere cooperation.


   In 16 years, it has achieved today's great results. Kenwei has grown from a small workshop to a standardized workshop of more than 50,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 units. It is a true record of the domestic combination weigher industry catching up with foreign brands, and a true epitome of the rise and rapid development of China's economy and China's intelligent manufacturing.With 16 years of growth and development, Kenwei has forged ahead, explored with wind and rain, and successfully achieved the surpassing of domestic brands.


   At present, the domestic economy is developing steadily, and the multiple outbreaks of the epidemic have brought constraints to economic development. There are still uncertain factors in the world economy, and the road to recovery will be arduous. Numerous uncertain factors have created a bottleneck for the upward development of the industry, but the development of everything is never smooth. We believe that we will be able to overcome the temporary hardships and lead to the other side of victory by sincerely joining hands with the vast number of cooperative customers and working together to overcome the difficulties. For this, we work hard to build a solid foundation.We have opened up the supply chain management system to ensure fast delivery within the cycle; we have improved the quality control system, and the product quality has remained stable; we have enriched the product lineup, and there are more choices for high-medium-low-end products. We provide you with one-to-one intimate sales service with professional and technical sales staff, and escort you in the market!

    16 years of development is a small step of Kenwei's 100-year journey. Now that we are standing at a new starting point, we must continue to forge ahead and climb the peak. We will never forget our original intention, keep our entrepreneurial passion at all times, and realize the long-term and sustainable operation of the enterprise; we will be grateful, join hands with our partners, operate with integrity, and cooperate sincerely to achieve a win-win situation.


    There is no unattainable height, no unrealized dream. There is a long way to go in the future. Let us work together with 16 years of history and accumulation, with 16 years of persistence and no regrets, with 16 years of sincerity and enthusiasm, and work together to move forward bravely! 

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