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With more than 10 years of superior development experience, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co. is a producer of highly efficient and precise weighing and packaging systems. The Kenwei multihead weigher has been our most popular piece of production line equipment.


Our extensive product line includes multihead weighers, linear weighers, check weigher, metal detector, conveyor equipment, and everything else you need to precisely weigh and package your products. Our weighers perform dosing, weighing, and mixing of a broad range of products like candies, grains, pastries, nuts, rice, and even non-food products.

The weighing and packing lines produced by Kenwei are highly versatile and they can pack products into bags, cartons, trays, cups, jars, and other packages after performing precise weighing. We are dedicated to providing one-stop integrated weighing and packing line services according to your specifications regarding product types, output, factory setup, etc. We have everything you need to get your weighing and packing line up and running.

Kenwei operates out of a modernized workshop covering 21,000 square meters. The production facility is equipped with a variety of outstanding processing equipment, including a large-scale laser cutter and CNC bending machine. We are fully equipped to satisfy all of our production requirements to meet the needs of customers.


Kenwei employs a group of experienced welding technicians who fully control the welding quality of all metal components. 

We own a warehouse to store various weigher components, allowing us to satisfy manufacturing requirements within the supply chain as quickly as possible so that customers do not have to wait too long to receive their orders.

All control panels used in our equipment have been self-designed and self-produced. This allows us to maintain greater control over the quality of our products.

During production, our employees follow strict quality control rules so that only qualified products will be delivered to the customer. After completion, the entire machine will be waterproof and inspected under IP65 standards to ensure it meets cleanliness requirements. Each machine must pass a 7-day operation test without loading to ensure stable and efficient operation without fault.


Kenwei has assembled a professional and experienced research and development team with all of the capabilities and resources to customize complete automatic weighing and packaging lines.

Through continuous efforts and expansion on the international market, Kenwei has established strong partnerships with clients in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. We have installed over 5000 weighing and packaging machines since 2006. We are bringing our products and services to customers everywhere in an effort to become a respected global enterprise.


Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD. is a professional weighing and packaging machine manufacturer for 13 years

Integrity and innovation

corporate philosophy

Ten years,we have been adhering to “stability is the key to save” and “professional manufacturing,excellent quality, integrity management” these concepts,and we will make effort to combine weighing packaging technology with advanced automated production systems together,thus create more stable and efficient automatic weighing and packaging systems. Also,we make effort promote industry automation,production cost saving,improve production efficiency and make unremitting efforts to be the innovative and respected global enterprise.

Corporate culture values

Give customers satisfied products is our core value. Customer’s need are the driving force behind Kenwei’s development. Supply good quality and innovative products,good service,short delivery give our customer more competitiveness and profitability.

Kenwei honor

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD., located in Zhongshan Fusha Hi-tech Industrial Park, is currently one of the leading manufacturer of multihead weigher in the world.

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