Product application cases :Mixed material quantatitive packaging solution

“SHANDDONG RIZHAO RONGXIN” products package,there are four kinds of different products in one big packet.The weight is 1200g,300g,15g,5g,etc.Now this factory use manual packaging.Low efficiency and cost heavily.

How to resolve such problem? Kenwei can do it.That is a high speed and accuracy automatic weighing and packaging system. 


1.system include: a.vertical conveyor b.multihead weigher c.PLC d.platform e.packaging machine

2.operation principle 

a.vertical conveyor transport sea food to hopper,multihead weigher control it.

b. Multihead weigher:loadcell Chinese display menu is easy to operate,because it is most advance quantity weighing machine.For the single weighing is up to 1200g,we use one 14 head multihead weigher and three 10 head multihead weigher.

c.PLC timing and contorl system control the combination scales keeping material and dumping materialwhen all the scales finish dump.

d.Vertical packaging machine is total with stainless steel and Double belt pulley bag and  Mitsubishi programmable PLC and servo controller and Reel film self-made bag,touch screen.When the machine receive order send by timing controller,the material fell into bag and packaging machine seal it and send a sign to timing controller and next work circle.

e.platform:platform is made of stainless steel.Anti-vibration and easy to clean and maintain.

f.Check weigher: makesure the qualify products. 

3.system data

system accuracy system speed:±0.1~0.5%

system speed: 35~50 packets per minute 

working voltage:380V、220V

Power above 4kw

4.System material

a. vertical conveyor:belt:PT  Other:stainless steel welding cone pan and linear pan are made of stainless steel,frame is made of stainless steel.

c.  Hopper is made of stainless steel

d.  Platform is made of stainless steel

e.  standing packaging machine is made of stainless steel

5.Benefit assessment

compare with RX,five people a class weigh material by manual.8 packets per minute,two class one day,accuracy is less 5 g or 5g more.

a. New type of machine kenwei made can save 30 to 40 persons cost.If the machine depreciation time is 10 years.

It will save 300 to 400 persons cost.

b.This new kind of machine Kenwei made can save 15 to 25 ton material(work as two class,16 hours a day,300 days a year) 

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., the first company which obtain in combination scale field in China.Kenwei put much strength in R&D and have strong ability in it.Kenwei always cooperate with science institution in tradition.2011,kenwei obtain science project awards by dumping mixed material given by Guangdong Science and Technology department.Kenwei own big share in dumping mixed material market.

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