Intelligent combination weigher, quantitative weighing revolution

After the development of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan", the status of the food industry in the national economy has been further consolidated and developed, and a large number of brand-name enterprises have been achieved, such as Hsu Fu Chi, Li Xiang, Big White Rabbit, Alps, Yake, etc. . By 2020, the main business income of food enterprises above the national scale will exceed 15 trillion yuan, forming a group of well-known brands, multinational companies and industrial clusters with strong international competitiveness. However, compared with the famous foreign confectionery manufacturers, regardless of the scale and per capita labor productivity indicators, domestic food companies have a large gap. Nestle, Cadbury, Kraft, Hershey, Wrigley, the world's confectionery giants, have the smallest annual sales Are all above 20 billion yuan, and Nestle exceeded 600 billion yuan in 2018. The top 10 domestic confectionery manufacturers have the largest scale of less than 6 billion and the smallest of only 500 million to 1 billion. Compared with the per capita labor productivity index, foreign companies are several times ours. Why is the gap so large?

As we all know, the comprehensive operating costs of foreign food factories are high. Needless to say, the land and factory buildings take labor as an example. The annual salary of ordinary employees in Europe and the United States is more than 30,000 US dollars, which is about 30 times that of ordinary employees in China. The reason why entrepreneurs use combination scales, and the sea of people tactics will cause labor management. Health management life arrangements and quality stability issues, therefore, as a large-scale brand-name enterprises must use efficient and automated combination weigher. The use of a combination weigher quantitative weighing and packaging system generally costs 150,000 to 250,000 US dollars. Nestle, Hershey and other foreign confectionery giants have hundreds of combination weigher quantitative weighing and packaging systems in a workshop, and all are more than 14 to 20 heads. The combination weigher with a speed of up to 140 packs / min or more effectively solves the problems of manpower and production efficiency and hygienic quality management of the plant space. Each combination weighing and weighing system not only saves nearly 60 employees (about 2 million US dollars) per year, but also saves nearly 30 tons of raw materials due to the high precision of the combination weigher. In contrast, food manufacturers that use cup-type or general electronic scales for weighing. The combination of high speed and high precision of the combination scale can also save the cost of 6 to 10 employees per year. With the development of the scale of the enterprise, the use of the combination weigher brings not only a direct and measurable benefit to the enterprise, but also equipment maintenance. , Health management, operation and other potential indirect benefits, from this perspective, foreign countries call the combination scale respect "the king of quantitative weighing field", they pay attention to the use of combination weigher is naturally understandable.

There are not many domestic food companies that use combination scales for quantitative weighing. One is that some domestic food factories do not know about combination scales. The other is mainly subject to the high price of imported combination scales, and cannot experience the world's most advanced weighing. High efficiency brought by equipment. The emergence of domestic combination weigher such as Guangdong Kenwei has made computer combination scales that were originally regarded as "noble products" no longer be owned by large enterprises. More domestic high-speed and efficient development-oriented enterprises will be able to use economical and applicable Kenwei combination scales have eliminated the outdated methods of conventional cups or fully manual quantitative weighing packaging, and armed themselves with a high-tech, more automated combination scale quantitative weighing packaging system to set off an improvement in the production environment. Improve production and management automation, reduce costs and a new revolution in civilized production. Including some large and well-known confectionery brands at home and abroad, such as Hershey Foods, American New Food, Qiaqia, Sister Ma, Nissin, etc., are all using Kenwei intelligent combination weigher to continue to improve the economic benefits for enterprises.


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