Kenwei is as the leadership in food weighing and packaging industry

Kenwei is as the leadership in food weighing and packaging industry

World economic integration is an inevitable trend of economic development in this century, which makes the interdependence between countries gradually enhance. The industrial structure between countries must be coordinated with the international economy, otherwise it is difficult to push the country's industrial structure to modernization.

 China's weighing machine industry has a long history of development of traditional industries and important basic industries. Over the years, it has been based on mechanical scales. The 1980s began to expand the use of electronic weighing apparatus and the development of large automatic weighing apparatus, but its degree of intelligence compared with similar products abroad, there is a certain gap. The low technical content of products is an obstacle for China to penetrate the international market, and it is difficult to obtain international benefits. In the World economic integration today, China is no longer able to "high tariff" barriers to protect domestic industries, only through international technology exchanges, international capital flows, talent flow to equip China's weighing enterprises, in order to push products to modernize, to the international market. The advancement of this modernization process is also subject to the constraints of social demand structure, consumption tendency, consumption structure and technological progress and international trade.

China's entry into the market economy from a planned economy also brings about changes in social demand and consumption tendency. For example, since the 1990s, China's economic circulation in the form of sales has changed, bulk, unpackaged sales form has been gradually replaced by "pre-packaged products", "pre-packaged products" with its convenience, cleanliness, time-saving, diversification and packaging of the colorful to win the favor of many consumers, With the growth of this market demand and the change of consumption tendency, weight detector and other weighing apparatus as the modern measurement means of online measurement of packaging products, more and more attention by the business community and Metrology department.

With its high technical content and unique automatic feedback adjustment function, this kind of automatic weighing device has been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry, logistics distribution center and other industries. When it comes to packaging, there is no shortage of "automatic charging machi", which separates all kinds of solid materials in bulk into separate loads according to the set values. The traditional "automatic charging device" has only one weighing bucket, however, with the increase of packaging varieties, the acceleration of packaging speed and the improvement of packaging accuracy, Tan Du weighing can no longer meet the needs of the market, so in the late 20th century, the emergence of a diversified, intelligent "automatic charging Device", R61 International recommended it as "multihead weigher”. This scale uses a multi-bucket (8~32 bucket) to weigh at the same time, and then by computer discrimination, which weighing bucket combination is closest to the set value. This kind of weighing device, which used to be all imported from Japan, hinders the wide application and popularization of computer combination scale because of its high price.

Domestic combination scale has a clear price advantage, the domestic combination scale has been gradually popularized. However, at present, the domestic combination of scale manufacturers mixed, large can enter the world combination scale manufacturing top ten, small may not even tomorrow is still not know. If you choose an unsound object of cooperation, their own production is affected by small things, that no repair of a trip to the trouble, the most critical is not to establish prevention problems of the manufacturers, there is no repair of the day. This includes the program itself is not perfect, but also need to be the material Condition Foundation change ability is poor enterprise, in addition to the line main vibration machine amplitude repeated attenuation of the problem and AD conversion module and anti-jamming technology does not integrate the manufacturing enterprises, there is no way to effectively suppress the interference from all over the vibration. This aspect, Kenwei along the way, feeling quite deep. Kenwei Professional focus on the combination of scales, has been in the industry's top three, manufacturing and sales scale are ranked at the top of the industry. Is China's first in the field of multihead weigher won the "Guangdong Province production, learning and research science and Technology Project Combination Award" honor of the company, in 2017 rely on 87 foreign countries, domestic and foreign more than 800 new and old customers strong support, to achieve the sale of more than 5,000 sets of weighing packaging equipment, 2018 precision Company layout semi-automated production mode, Refine the specialized production mode of parts, can accelerate the production cycle at the same time to achieve 7000 sets of capacity. Kenwei has no doubt become the packaging machinery industry on the basis of confidence in the brand.

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., has become China's multihead weigher industry leader. Kenwei multihead weigher in the global scope of the world, not only to prove the development and growth of China in the field of multihead weigher, more important is the "professional quality, Integrity marketing" set up brand in the field of the world multihead weigher market, for China's tens of thousands of food, metal and plastic production enterprises to replace the current old or all-hand backward weighing packaging methods by the high-tech, more automated multihead weigher quantitative weighing and packaging system with excellent quality and high technology definitely.


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