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With the rapid development of modern industry, the packaging industry has higher requirements in terms of packaging accuracy, packaging speed, packaging range, etc. Traditional quantitative automatic packaging weighers have been difficult to meet these requirements, and computer combination weighers are here. In the case, there is an opportunity for rapid development. Because the reliability of the test data is much higher than the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale, the faster and more efficient the weighing speed, the wider the weighing range and the higher the accuracy, so the advantages of the computer combination scale can be seen at a glance.

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to make all-round innovations and changes on the original quantitative combination scale, continuously improving its technology, pursuing more excellent quality effects, ensuring that customers are provided with marketable, cost-effective and efficient provinces. The heart of the professional weighing packaging machinery and equipment.


Computer combination weighers are highly targeted to materials and also pay great attention to the fluidity of materials, so that different types of materials can get the most accurate weighing requirements. In terms of technological innovation, Guangdong Kenwei upgraded the mechanical equipment software, hardware and self-detection function on the basis of the original, and controlled the flow direction of the material by controlling the rotating main vibration machine with different speeds and angles to better control the main vibration. The thickness of the material on the disc and the uniformity of the main vibrator feeding to the line vibrating plate. At the same time, because the computer combination weighs each weighing bucket is opened together, if some materials are large or the weighing specifications are large, each combination bucket will open under the combination weighing chute at the same time. The formation of the material port is blocked, which makes it difficult to fill the package. In response to this problem, Guangdong Kenwei developed the sequential hopper function of the mechanical hopper. By setting, the combination hoppers can be discharged from each other for a certain period of time. If 0.01 is set, each combination hopper is separated by 0.01 seconds each time, so that it is completely It avoids the problem of blockage during operation. While ensuring that different material types can flow more stably and smoothly, it also improves the speed and weighing accuracy of the combined scale during operation.

Let us take a look at the data display advantages of computer combination weighers. As the last link of production work, data statistics not only allows us to better understand the information of material weighing, but also summarize the project data in the production process, and timely improve each node on the production line. Compared with the past production statistics, data can only be exported on the combination scale, and then printed by the printer, which wastes paper and is not conducive to management. Now Guangdong Kenwei connects the combination scale system directly to the office computer, and automatically generates the spreadsheet to produce production data directly in the office computer, so that the user can manage the data more intuitively and properly, which not only improves the speed and saves the cost, but also Make maintenance more convenient.

Guangdong Kenwei has been committed to the transformation and innovation of intelligent weighing packaging machinery, strict quality control, high efficiency and affordable nature has been praised by many customers at home and abroad. At the same time, in order to better carry out the expansion of corporate brand and corporate image, and further understand the technical exchanges and market needs of entrepreneurs at home and abroad, Guangdong Kenwei also participated in many well-known equipment exhibitions at home and abroad. . In the past May, he participated in the 2019 China (Qingdao) International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition hosted by China Food Industry Association, as an influential international professional exhibition of food processing and packaging machinery in northern China. At the exhibition, the smart showcased the latest quantitative weighing and packaging machinery and equipment developed this year. The booths were crowded with people. The professional visitors and exhibitors from all over the country were stopped by the exhibits of Guangdong Kenwei, and they were also smart products. The technical innovation and efficient practicality represent a consistent recognition.

In non-stop, Guangdong Kenwei also participated in the Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition Propack 2019 in June. The exhibition was only supported by the Overseas Packaging and Processing Association. It has been held for 24 consecutive years and 733 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions participated. This year is the 13th consecutive year that Kenwei has participated in the exhibition. At this exhibition, Kenwei is exhibiting in the form of system + product combination. The system includes automatic filling system, automatic unpacking, packing and sealing system, etc. Including aspects of 14 combination weighers, 14 double-layer screw pickles weighers, 14 large 7.5L salad weighers, 12 belt-type manual weighers, aluminum foil gold inspection machines, etc., providing a wide range of weighing packaging solutions and services for professional buyers in the industry. 

multihead weigher

Guangdong Kenwei will closely follow the pace of the times, constantly innovate in product design, keep close to the market demand, meet the different requirements of customers, and continue to open up the market, do a good customer service and after-sales work, hope to let everyone use Customers of Guangdong Kenwei Equipment feel professional and caring service, based on local, famous overseas, and advance and retreat with customers.

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