2G 20 Heads O Type Standard Multihead Weigher( Mixing mode/High Speed mode) 1.6L/2.5L

Scope of application

It is suitable for weighing a single material with high-speed or various mixing products,, such as oatmeal, mixing nuts etc.

Features & Mechanical Character :

1.High speed mode can be used for a single material.

2.The weight of the mixing can be automatically compensated by the last products

3.High accuracy and tailored load cell.

4.Intelligent multi-sampling stable mode, higher accuracy.

5.Intelligent alarm diagnosis.

6.High speed stagger dump function.

7.New Modular and CAN bus technology, more efficient and stable

8.Modbus Industry communication protocol.

Technical Specification :

1. Upper storage funnel is divided to weight two different products.

2. Separate main vibrator, control the thickness of product independently.

3. Integral machine frame and machine cabinet contributes to more stability and higher accuracy.

4. Machine frame, discharge chute with compatible design, Single discharge chute gate can 

    change to double with twin packaging machine when just one kind of product.

5. Uniform design standards, and mould processing, contribute to better interchangeability for 

    spare parts.

6. Stable actuator design reduce the mechanical vibration and improves the load cell value accuracy.




Identify Code

 A20-2-2 (8 type)

 Weighing Range

 20-2000g(Mixing Mode) / 10-1000g(Single Mode )



Max Speed

65P/M(Mixing Mode) / 120P/M(Single Mode)

 Hopper Volume


 Control Panel

10.4” Touch Screen


Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device               

 Driving System

 Step Motor

Power Requirement

 220V/2000W/ 50/60Hz /16A

 Packing Dimensions (mm)


Gross Weight


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