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Behind the rapid development of China's weighing packaging industry is the rapid development of the economy and society and the richness of people's living standards. Among them, pharmaceutical weighing and packaging machinery, as part of the national economy, made an important contribution to the total output value. With the improvement of modern medical standards, companies are required to fully recognize the importance of humanization, convenience, and practical design and function of drug weighing packaging. Drug weighing packaging is helping patients comply with medication regulations, meeting regulatory needs and It plays an important role in enhancing product appeal.

The market demand for pharmaceutical weighing packaging is constantly increasing, which is an opportunity for the development of the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry. Relevant persons in the industry have indicated that pharmaceutical weighing packaging is a processing process with large batch size, high speed, proceduralization,various levels and strict quality requirements. With the development of the market and the continuous investment of medical undertakings, the automation of pharmaceutical weighing packaging is an inevitable  trends, smart equipment instead of manual production, will also become the main force of the future.


In 2018, Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized machinery Co., Ltd. developed and manufactured a two-stage dual-channel 8-track electronic counting machine for the pharmaceutical industry, and applied it for the first time in a large pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, through accurate and fast counting of the tablets. It saves costs for manufacturers, improves efficiency, and lays a good foundation for the wide application of products in the pharmaceutical field.


 With the development of the economy and the upgrading of consumption, people pay more and more attention to the weighing and packaging of medicines. Pharmaceutical packaging is the last step for the quality assurance of pharmaceutical products, and also for the storage, transportation, circulation and use of medicines. Security is of paramount importance. Drug shortages, fragments, mixed with trace impurities and empty boxes, lack of weight, small amount and other issues are taboo for pharmaceutical weighing packaging machinery, which also requires pharmaceutical weighing packaging equipment companies should innovate production technology, focus on drug automation Weighing packaging control and automated testing.

In response to the above, Kenwei also specially developed the second generation GL2415 aluminum foil metal detector and G5020 multi-frequency metal detector. The second-generation GL2415 aluminum foil metal detector uses a 32-bit microprocessor, superior digital signal analysis and automated processing capabilities to improve system sensitivity, immunity to interference and long-term operational stability. Through the application of high-sensitivity sensors and integrated automatic control, it can effectively solve the detection ability of magnetic metal foreign objects in aluminum film and aluminum foil packaging products. The product can be widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, security products, chemical industry and other industries in bulk, bagged, bottled, boxed aluminum foil packaging products of metal foreign body detection. The G5020 multi-frequency metal detector uses multi-frequency technology to adapt to different types of products to be tested, and can automatically select the best frequency according to different product characteristics. The sensitivity of detecting contaminated metals can be maximized for different product hydration characteristics and material quantities.


Kenwei breaks through the automation of pharmaceutical weighing and packaging, and it is like a broken bamboo. It effectively solves the problems of low efficiency, low automation and backward performance of the pharmaceutical weighing packaging industry. It has become a leader in the industry and has provided a strong boost for the rapid development of the pharmaceutical weighing packaging industry. Strong support, and the future of Kenwei's pharmaceutical weighing packaging machinery will continue to enhance the intelligent automation technology, promote the overall level of the industry, allowing customers to be more flexible and convenient in the use of operating features, promote the safe and rapid development of drug weighing and packaging industry.


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