Analysis on the Development of Intelligent Multihead Weigher Market in China

With the development of automated production in all areas of China and the continuous increase in labor costs, the quantitative combination weighing needs of food, medicine, seeds and other industries are also increasingly urgent, which also brings huge development opportunities and opportunities for China's intelligent combination weigher market and development space.

First:Development status of smart combination weigher market in China

1. Definition and structure of intelligent combination scale

(1) Definition of intelligent combination weigher

Intelligent combination weigher are also called mini multihead weigher, computer combination weigher, etc. The product has higher technical content and is a more precise quantitative intelligent weighing equipment. The intelligent combination weigher is composed of a plurality of independent weighing units of the feeding and discharging structure, and the corresponding load is combined and calculated by the multiple weighing units, and the combination of the loads is used as a quantitative intelligent weighing device for output of a single charge. It has the characteristics of fast weighing speed, high dynamic precision and high degree of automation. Intelligent multihead weigher mainly includes 8-head weigher, 10-head weigher, 12-head weigher, 13-head weigher, 14-head weigher, 16-head weigher, 18-head weigher, 20-head weigher, 24-head weigher, etc., each of which is a separate The scale can be weighed independently. Typical graph of intelligent multihead weigher, as shown in Figure 1:

Multihead Weigher

Figure 1 Typical diagram of intelligent multihead weigher

(2) Structure and principle of intelligent combination weigher

Intelligent combination weigher is composed of vibrating plate part, hopper part, machine frame, weighing part, control part and other components.

The vibrating plate part includes the feeding plate, the main vibrating plate, the line vibrating plate, the chute and the lowering plate, that is, the power of the production material to discharge, move the material evenly to the hopper, and guide the material.

The integrated circuit part includes object photoelectric detection, display cable, touch screen display, display pendant, that is, the collected electrical control system, which converts analog signals into digital signals and is the core component of the product. 

The hopper part includes a feed hopper and a weighing hopper, that is, the mechanical part of the data collection of the machine operation and the weighing of the material combination.    

The machine frame part includes the machine frame, that is, the installation location of the electric device. The weighing part is composed of a weighing sensor, etc., that is to accurately detect the weight of the material and generate an analog signal, which is an important part of the product.

Other parts include rotary switch, leakage switch and lifting ring, namely voltage control, safety guarantee, etc.

Structure diagram of intelligent combination weigher, as shown in Figure 2.


1一infeed funnel  2一level sensor 3一main vibrator 4一linear vibrator pan

5一feed hopper  6一weighing hopper 7一discharge chute  8一Rotary switch 9一Leakage switch

10一machine frame  1l一discharge funnel 12一Monitor cable

13一control panel  14一Display pendant  15一handing ring  16一Aluminum box         

Figure 2 Structure diagram of intelligent combination weigher   

2. Development Overview

The intelligent multihead weigher was produced in Japan in the 1970s. It consists of multiple weighing units with independent feed and discharge structure. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize the combined calculation of the load of the weighing unit to obtain the best 3. The weight combination closest to the target weight value is weighed. With the passage of time and the development of load cell technology, intelligent combination scales have evolved from analog signal combination weighing to digital signal combination weighing. Due to the characteristics of high degree of automation, saving labor costs, fast weighing speed, and very high dynamic accuracy, the intelligent combination scale has reached 12,000 global sales in 2011. The intelligent combination scale is mainly suitable for various granular, flake, strip, spherical, irregular shape and other items that need to be weighed quantitatively. From the application industry, the intelligent combination scale is mainly used for quantitative weighing of food, Chinese medicine, seeds, tea, feed, chemical and other materials.

China's intelligent multihead weigher industry started in 2004. After years of development, it has become a complete industrial chain integrating core technology, independent research and development, large-scale production and sales, and a number of large-scale enterprises with international production levels have emerged, such as Highdream. Smart, Guangdong Kenwei, etc. Due to the high weighing accuracy, fast speed, stable performance, and price of about 1/2 to 1/3 of the products of developed countries, China's intelligent combination scale products are exported to Europe in addition to meeting the domestic market. , South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions, have a greater influence in the world intelligent combination scale market.

3. Status of application areas

At present, the application industry of intelligent combination weigher in China is mainly food manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, refined tea processing, seed industry and other industries. The food industry is the main application industry of intelligent combination weigher. According to statistics, the market demand for smart combination weigher in China's food processing and manufacturing industry occupies 78.77% of the application market for smart combination weigher, and the demand for other industries is relatively small. At present, the domestic market demand for intelligent combination weigher in the Chinese medicine industry, seed industry, tea industry and other industries accounts for 5.37%, 4.38%, 3.59% and 7.90% of the total market demand, respectively. industry. In the future, the intelligent multihead weigherwill be applied to a greater extent in the fields of Chinese medicinal materials, seeds, tea, feed, chemicals, hardware, etc., and there is more room for development.  

4. The competitive landscape of China's smart combination weigher market

In the smart combination scale market, the industry is fiercely competitive. Leading foreign companies include Ishida (ISHDA), Yamato, Anritsu, MULTIPOND Wagetechnik GmbH, Cabinplant A / S, Denmark, and Masipack, Brazil. Weighing technology, enterprise scale, product quality, brand awareness, marketing service network and other aspects are in the leading position in the indu

China's combination weigher industry started in 2004. After years of development, it has become a complete industrial chain integrating core technology, independent research and development, large-scale production and sales. Among domestic enterprises, products such as Highdream Intelligence and Guangdong Kenwei are leading. These enterprises started later than foreign enterprises, but by continuously improving their technical level and product quality, they gradually narrowed the gap with foreign enterprises In terms of product cost performance, it occupies a large competitive advantage. The products of domestic enterprises have been exported to many countries and regions, occupying a certain market share in the global intelligent combination scale market. For example, the intelligent combination scale of Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1500 customers worldwide. Others are mainly small-scale production enterprises. Due to the barriers of technology, brand, manufacturing capacity and capital formed by the development of the industry, most of these small enterprises do not have a competitive advantage. (As shown in Table 1 ) 


 Corresponding level

Corresponding brand



Leading foreign companies

ISHDA、Yamato、 Anritsu、MULTIPOND Wagetechnik          GmbH、Cabinplant A/S and          Masipack

The company has a long history of development, obvious comprehensive advantages, and occupies a favorable position in global market competition.


Leading domestic company


The leading domestic enterprise has developed rapidly in recent years, and its independent research and development capabilities have made great progress. With the advantage of product cost performance, it has rapidly improved its brand influence.


small companies

Other small and medium    manufacturers

Small market share, small enterprise size, and relatively low-end competition

Second:Development prospects of China's intelligent combination weigher market

With the progress of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, most of the commodities sold in shopping malls and supermarkets are now quantitatively packed. In recent years, with the popularization of China's industrial automation production and the increase in labor costs, intelligent combination weigher have the characteristics of high weighing accuracy, fast speed, stable performance, etc., and are more and more widely used in many industries in China. Especially in the field of food, intelligent combination weigher have been applied on a large scale, and are increasingly used in Chinese medicine, chemical industry, tea, feed, seed and other industries. Intelligent combination weigher have become the highlight of the development of automatic weighing instruments.

Third:Future development direction

In the context of "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025", the economic "new normal" has brought some structural changes to the food industry. With the aging of the country and consumers' more attention to quality of life, healthy drinks will become the future One of the main melody. Therefore, it is the future development trend to build a smart factory in the future, lead the industry to change, and build an efficient, energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly, and comfortable humanized factory.

1. Intelligent workshop: intelligent manufacturing, improve production transparency and manufacturing execution capabilities:

The intelligent workshop is a digital platform based on intelligent hardware in the Internet of Things. It runs through the five major production factors "human, machine, material, method, and circle", and is built from three major dimensions. Change ". Synchronous data collection technology is applied to the entire line of enterprise internal logistics traceability, manufacturing engineering configuration, production and quality process control, providing a reliable decision basis for the readjustment of the planning system.

2. Intelligent warehousing: automatic preparation and automatic feeding:

Intelligent warehousing is a link in the logistics process. The application of intelligent warehousing performs automated wireless data collection and wireless data on the data of various operations such as warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, transfer, warehouse shift, inventory counting Update to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of warehouse management, to ensure that the enterprise has timely and accurate control of the real data of the inventory, and to reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory.

3. Intelligent quality control and traceability management: traceability of materials, production links, quality control and other aspects.


By implementing MES (production execution system), manufacturing enterprises can realize workshop production planning and scheduling, production task query, production process monitoring, intelligent data collection, quality inspection and control, material tracking, raw and auxiliary materials consumption control, workshop assessment and management, statistics Functions such as analysis, human resources, and equipment management have completely helped companies improve the black box operations of production site management.

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