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Automated Packaging Helps the Leisure Food Industry Develop New Prospects

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With the development of society, the demand for snack food in the market has been greatly increased. This means that in the process of snack food production, in addition to ensuring food quality, it is also necessary to improve product production efficiency. Food packaging technology as an important link in the food chain, also faces enormous challenges.

Automated Packaging Helps the Leisure Food Industry Develop New Prospects

In recent years, every e-commerce festival such as Double 11 and 618 has been promoted, and the sales of snack foods are amazing. In 2020, the market size of the industry will be close to 2 trillion. With the transformation of people's diet and consumption concepts and the emergence of individualized needs, people have higher and higher requirements for snack foods after tea and meals, and the closely related food packaging issues have recently become the focus of social attention. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to fulfill the requirements of snack food packaging efficiently and with high quality, and to increase the degree of automation of food packaging.

Compared with traditional food packaging machines, automated packaging machines have greater advantages in many aspects. First of all, traditional food packaging machinery requires a lot of manual operation in actual production, and it is inevitable that there will be insufficient supervision and improper operation, which may easily cause food contamination or safety hazards. The automated packaging machine application of sensor technology that can detect impurities and the parameters of food production line, quickly ruled out substandard products, reducing food packaging and increase the difficulty of monitoring the safety of food production. The Guangdong Kenwei rotary weighing and packaging system can automatically complete a series of processes such as feeding, dosing, bagging, and sealing. It is suitable for a variety of snack foods such as pellets, blocks, and flakes, and is equipped with a variety of exquisite appearances. Prefabricated food packaging bags, such as plastic-paper composite bags, PE film bags, aluminum film bags, etc., with firm sealing and various bag types, are the best choice for food processing manufacturers to achieve automated packaging upgrades

Secondly, in the traditional production mode, the process of transporting food from the production line to the packaging line is mostly manual, which not only wastes a lot of manpower, but is also very inefficient. Therefore, various automatic packaging auxiliary equipment came into being, such as the material conveyor, finished product conveyor, finished product processing tray of Guangdong Kenwei, etc., to achieve the entire packaging operation process to maintain pure automatic processing by the machine, and the equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel. Ensure food safety and hygiene.

Automatic food packaging machinery and food production closely together to achieve bulk packaging of food processing, packaging equipment involved in the function and feedback information to contact each other, not only saves time, but also effectively improve packaging efficiency.

In summary, food packaging machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the market, and the competition of packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce, and low-consumption, high-efficiency, multi-functional, intelligent and automated packaging equipment is increasingly favored by the industry . For snack food manufacturers, automated food packaging machinery uses a large number of computer design and mechatronics control to continuously help manufacturers improve production efficiency and ensure food safety.

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