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Kenwei high speed multihead weigher+timing hopper-The perfect partner of high-speed vertical packaging machine

Date:2021-12-06 09:16:35 Clicks:

In order to cater to the current high-efficiency and rapid small-weight weighing and packaging trend, Guangdong Kenwei took advantage of the broad platform of ProPak China 2021(Shanghai) to display another blockbuster product "high-speed rhombus timing hopper".


"High-speed rhombus timing hopper" combined with the application of Kenwei 's new fourth-generation three-layer 18 heads standard combination weigher, the feeding speed is up to 160 packs/min, which effectively increases the filling speed by 50% compared with the traditional standard multihead weigher. It is an efficient solution for high-speed quantitative production of various small granules.


At the same time, the biggest feature of the "high-speed rhombus timing hopper" is that it can also ensure the integrity of the material when it is falling during high-speed operation.When the material is quantified by the combination weigher and passed through the high-speed rhombus timing hopper to the vertical packaging machine, the material with high integrity will enter the bag more smoothly, the adjustment time of the packaging machine is shorter, and the time for outputting the finished product becomes faster. Compared with the standard quantitative packaging system, it can adapt to the stricter production requirements of different businesses.


The four-generation three-layer 18 heads standard combination weigher equipped with high-speed rhombus timing hopper will become the perfect partner for all types of high-speed vertical packaging machines on the market, providing more high-speed quantitative packaging solutions for businesses, and maximizing benefits goal, save more cost, which is the pursuit of customers, but also our efforts to achieve.


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