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Bag type and application of food packaging bags

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Food packaging bags is a kind of packaging design ,in our life,producing food packaging bags in order to keep food fresh easily and storage of food.

Food packaging bags are thin film containers used in direct contact with food to store and protect food.In life,food packaging has the most quantity and the most extensive content,and most of food is delivered to consumers through packaging.The more developed countries,the higher packaging rate of goods. In todays internationalization of commodity economy,food packaging and commodities have been integrated,as a means to realize the value and use value of commodities,it is playing an important role in the fields of production, circulation,sales and consumption.Food bags shall be manufactured using food grade plastic films,Generally for more than two layers of composite material packaging bags.


 Because of the diversity of food determines the rich variety of food packaging bags,uncertain specifications.According to the different type standards,the type of food packaging bags is also different.

Firstly,according to the different production raw materials of packaging bags,they can be divided into:low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags,PVC plastic bags,high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags,polypropylene plastic bags,etc.

Secondly,according to the different shape of packaging bag,it can be divided into:stand bag,sealing bag,vest bag,square bottom bag,tape bag,sling bag,different type bag and so on.


Thirdly,according to the form of the packaging type,can be divided into:middle sealing bag,three-side sealing bag,four-side sealing bag,Yin Yang bag,doypack, zipper bay ,suction mouth bag,rolling film and so on.


Fourthly,according to the function of packaging bag,can be divided into heat steamed bag,high barrier bag and vacuum packing bags and so on.


Finally,according to the process of making,can be divided into plastic packaging bag and composite bag.


In our life,rice and similar foods are usually used in vacuum packaging and similar packaging bag.Vacuum packaging can reduce the oxygen concentration of the storage environment,inhibit the respiratory strength of rice and the reproduction of mould,prevent rice aging,mildew,insects etc.,and it can keep the quality of rice better,Due to the large vacuum degree,the packaging material is tightly wrapped in the rice,and the rice at both ends are relatively pointed that make the packaging bag punctured easily ,causing the vacuum packaging invalid.Friction,collision,and fall between the bag and the bag during circulation can also easily broken bags.Therefore, we should combine the rice preservation and packaging with the circulation environment at the same time,so as to achieve good results.


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