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The development of the food industry promotes the upgrading of the food packaging machinery industry

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In recent years, the food packaging machinery manufacturing industry has gradually developed into one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic pillar industries in my country's national economy and is an important industry that provides technical equipment for the food industry. China's food packaging machinery and equipment are not only on the scale but also accelerating the integration of optical and mechanical automation. It has made great progress in filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging material production equipment, etc., and is widely used in professional weighing and packaging equipment such as multihead weigher, linear weigher machine, and check weigher. However, the export value of my country's packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import value is roughly equal to the total output value. This shows that the demand gap for domestic packaging machinery is very large, which can fully digest domestic products and need to introduce a large number of foreign equipment as a supplement. Although there is still a gap between local enterprises and foreign products, it has gradually revealed the new tone of the development of China's food packaging industry.

The food industry promotes the development of food packaging machinery   

China's food packaging machinery industry started in the early 1980s, the development so far, the country's food and packaging machinery manufacturers have nearly 6,000, nearly 15% of the enterprises each year to switch to production or bankruptcy, at the same time about the same number of new enterprises into the industry. It shows that the competition in this industry is fierce, but it is also full of opportunities and has a good development prospects.   

In the industry, there are only a dozen companies with annual sales of more than 100 million yuan, and about 50 companies with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan. 75% of the export products in the industry are produced by these 50 companies. Guangdong Kenwei, Highdream, etc. These large-scale enterprises have a relatively high level of technology and production capacity, occupying an absolute advantage in the market competition.   

With the strategic height of my country's economic development, the development of the food industry, vigorously developing the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, and solving the " three agriculture-related problems” are closely combined. The food processing industry, which is characterized by the transformation of a large number of agricultural products, develops at an alarming rate. The national food industry has an average annual growth rate. The speed reaches 13% to 14%. The agricultural product processing industry provides a broad development space for the packaging industry, and it also greatly stimulates the unprecedented development of the food packing machinery industry including sales packaging and transportation packaging.

High-end technology helps packaging machinery product upgrade   

He Nanzhi, executive vice chairman of the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, said: With the increasing importance of food inspection, the detection technology in the process of food processing and packaging is not limited to the detection of impurities on the production line, and the detection of new food. There is a lot of room for technological development.”   

Fast and accurate quantitative detection through re-inspection machines and high-precision food packaging metal detectors have gradually been implemented in the back-end packaging quality inspection work of the food industry, while the emerging color machine vision products are more widely used in food inspection. Prominently, we can determine parameters such as maturity and quality level by the color of the food. At the same time, automated visual equipment can also be used in particle measurement. For example, the dual-channel 303 visual particle counting machine innovatively developed by Guangdong Kenwei adopts imported high-speed linear CCD sensors and high-definition optical lenses. The minimum countable size is 0.3mm. Up to 16000p/m, error control ≤0.001, to achieve fast and accurate counting of high-value electronic components, tablets, food, and other materials. In addition, through the digital wireless sensor network, the use of a food information collection system can allow consumers to fully understand the relevant information about food production, transportation, storage, and other processes, and eliminate their concerns about food safety.      

Although local enterprises intend to improve their competitiveness in the application of automation technology, the technological improvement work is only gradually carried out with the change in market acceptance. This is because the introduction of foreign mature technology also limits the independent innovation and development of local enterprises. Therefore, China's packaging industry should proceed from reality, and at the same time introduce technology, independent innovation is also essential, so as to produce equipment suitable for the domestic market demand.Guangdong Kenwei has been adhering to the concept of "stability is the key to save" and "professional manufacturing, excellent quality, integrity management", absorbing advanced automation technology, combining with the actual market demand, to provide more high-quality and efficient automatic weighing and packaging equipment for the domestic food industry, to help merchants solve various packaging problems, and join hands to embark on a win-win road.  


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