Applicable bag type:Pillow bag,Gusset bag,Seal type bag.
Applicable film materials:Avariety of laminated films,single-layer PE film,film thickness range 0.04mm~0.15mm.
Applicable packing materials:A variety of recreation food,deep frozen food,milk powder,coffee,oatmeal,granulated sugar,salt,puffed food,rice,herbal,tea,small hardware etc.

Mechanical Character

1.Automatic alarm and warning function by PLC. 

2.Bag making:Making bag automatically by bag make machine,the layout type of bag making is vertical,the collar type is concave convex point flanging collarHorizontal Sealing:Servo motor is Horizontal seal sealing dynamic sealing bar heating type is continuation heating,the sealing temperature is constant temperature Horizontal servo with cooling and blowing function,shut down when clamp materials and motor swing angel protection function.

3.Vertical sealing:cylinder is vertical seal sealing dynamic,standard vertical sealing is clamp seal,the sealing bar type is heat continuation,temperature control is constant temperature.

4.Film pulling:The type of film pulling is Vacuum Synchronous belt double,the dynamic of film pulling driven motor,the cone gear drive form,film oulling parts equipped with manual transfer switch for better adjustment.

5.Film releasing:It adopts motor drives robber roller,film release adopts and controlled by three speed.Equipped with coding adjustment,eye mark tracking,rectify deviation adjustment,film transporting anti-shake,no film alarm,store film detector,Film release brake,pneumatic film pressing function etc..

6.Frame:Assembly frame blue perspective plexiglass door,special electric tank fission rotating human-machine interface.Equipped with auto-stop when open the door protection function.

Technical Specification

Film width140-320mm160-420mm180-520mm180-620mm180-720mm180-830mm
Bag size(L*W)(60-200)*(60-150)mm(60-300)*(70-200)mm(60-350)*(80-250)mm(80-400)*(80-300)mm(90-450)*(70-350)mm(90-500) *(60-400)mm
Packing speed15-70bags/min15-60bags/min15-60bags/min15-60bags/min0-70bags/min5-50bags/min
Power requirement2.5KW/220V/50/60HZ3.4KW/220V/50/60HZ3.4KW/220V/50/60HZ3.6KW/220V/50/60HZ5.5KW/220V/50/60HZ5KW/220V/50/60HZ
Gas pression0.6-0.8Mbra0.6-0.8Mbra0.6-0.8Mbra0.6-0.8MPa0.6-0.8MPa0.6-0.8MPa
Gas consumption0.5m3/min0.6m3/min0.7m3/min0.8m3/min0.4m3/min1.2m3/min
Machine size(L*W*H)1158*930*1213mm1465*1040*1470mm1540*1160*1600mm1640*1226*1709mm1748*1344*1955mm1848*1544*2155mm
Machine weight350Kg400Kg450Kg550Kg680Kg800Kg

Gusset deviceNitrogen charging device
Chain bagvibrating device
Punching deviceSealing device
Exhaust/Inflatalbe devicesEasy tear device
PE film sealingBag support device
Anti-Static electricityEvacuating device
Horizontal seal cooling blowing deviceFilm rectify deviation adjust device
Automatic feeding deviceHorizontal sealing servo motor
Multihead weigher/Liner weigherCup measuring machine
Auger fillerLiquid pump

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