High Efficiency Linear Weigher Packing Equipment for Packing Small Granules


Applicable film materials: a variety of laminatesd film, single-layer PE film, film thickness rang 0.04~0.15mm.

Applicable packing materials: a variety of rice, melon seed, corn, soybean, peanut, nut etc.

Applicable bag type: pillow bag, guseset bag, seal type bag.

High Efficiency Linear Weigher Packing Equipment for Packing Small Granules

Product Description

Linear Weigher Packing Machine is composed of 2 head Linear Weigher, platform, packaging machine, Finished Conveyor , etc. The product quality of linear Weigher Packing Machine is stable and reliable, and the after-sales service is perfect. The user chooses to be assured.In the past 10 years, it has served many food manufacturers.

Linear Weigher Packing Machine realizes bag making, metering, filling, sealing, coding, bag cutting and counting at once.Linear Weigher Packing Machine is widely used and the bag shape is beautiful.Linear Weigher Packing Machine is suitable for high-speed and accurate weighing and packaging of granular, round and bulk materials with good fluidity. such as sugar, brown sugar, sweets, seeds, meatballs and so on.


The product adopts well-known brand PLC, reliable performance and durable. The product has a long service life.

Weighing different kinds of materials at the same time to realize packaging of mixed materials

Compact structure, less floor area and wide application orientation.

Greatly save labor costs and improve economic benefits.

The maximum packaging speed can reach 50 packs per minute.

Automatically complete the whole process of packaging from feeding, weighing, dividing, packaging to finished product transportation.

Technical Specification

Systematic output3220 ton/year
Packing Speed30-50bags/min
Packing Accuracy±0.3~2g

Product Details

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