Applicable to the back-end packing of production lines in food, medicine, electronics and hardware and other industries, Achieve machine intelligence to replace low-end repetitive manual work.

Carton size range: 280 ≤ L ≤ 500mm, 160 ≤ W ≤ 400mm, 180 ≤ H+W/2 ≤ 500mm

Carton packing line system


The system includes the automatic unpacking and sealing of the carton, the automatic packing of the parallel robot, the automatic sealing and the intermediate connecting conveying system to complete the packing and sealing function. It can complete a series of automatic operations such as automatically unpacking and sealing the bottom if the stacking carton, automatically packing the material products and sealing the carton. An optional visual application system is available for accurate detection and delivery of incoming materials.

Carton packing line system

Mechanical Character

1. The unpacking function has the function of tape and carton shortage alarm; the carton can be stored vertically, and the feeding does not need to be stop the machine; it is suitable for use in the same size carton, also can support the expandable application of different size carton.

2. The robot is simple in modularity, easy to install and commission, has a long service life and low maintenance costs. Flexible action, versatility, high precision and stability.

3. The robot has the ability to quickly select and place, the vision system automatically locates multi-angle grabs, and automatically palletizes the products according to product placement requirements.

4. Manipulator touch screen man-machine interface, rich instruction set, users can carry out secondary development, can meet a wide range of application needs.

5. When the box is sealed, the cover can be automatically folded, and the upper and bottom of carton are sealed at one time.

JW-B34 Carton packing line system including: Product Conveyor Line, Roller Conveyor Line, Auto Flaps Folding Carton Sealer, Machine Frame Of Manipulator, Carton Erector, Manipulator D1100


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