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Food Machinery Industry Application Trend of Energy-Saving Equipment

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Traditional food machinery design rarely considers environmental attributes and food safety-related issues, and its industrial chain generally only considers the design, manufacturing and use links. In recent years, the green concept has been regarded as one of the basic concepts in the production of food machinery, and it is also an important cornerstone for the sustained, healthy and stable development of the food industry. The green design of food machinery will become the future development trend of the industry.

Food Machinery

Green design can effectively prevent and control pollution fundamentally,and it is becoming more and more popular with the public.Because it not only considers the process of food and packaging machinery design, manufacture, and use, but also considers the operations of scrapping and disposal.Through the mastery of green technology, the use of green technology to reduce environmental pollution and save resources and energy consumption. The application of green technology is reflected in all stages of the product's life cycle, from concept formation to manufacturing, use, and recycling and processing after disposal.

1. Optimizing green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials

The provision of food machinery facilities ensures the smooth progress of food manufacturing and processing procedures. Food manufacturers must consider the model and structure of food machinery facilities to purchase food machinery and equipment that conform to the green concept and apply green materials. Under the concept of green design, mechanical equipment should have basic properties such as non-toxic and harmless production, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and convenient recycling.

2. Optimize the green energy-saving design plan

Relevant designers should base themselves on the "cradle to grave" manufacturing method, comprehensively measure economy and environmental protection, improve the conversion efficiency of social resources, and reduce the impact of production waste. Incorporating the concept of green energy conservation into the mechanical design plan can reduce the design and manufacturing cost of mechanical products from the source, and avoid the waste of materials and energy.

3. Application in the construction of food machinery

Design for disassembly. When the damage to food machinery and equipment can not be used, it can not be removed due to the forced discarding waste of resources and environmental pollution. With the application of the green design concept in food processing machinery, the long-neglected food machinery disassembly problem has been highly valued. In the process of food processing, if the parts of the machinery and equipment break down or are damaged, they can be promptly carried out. disassembling operation will repair or replace damaged parts, effectively improve the utilization of resources.

The green design of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system has many problems in the process of mechanical operation, such as noise pollution and oil leakage pollution, which will directly affect the quality of food, hinder the development of the food industry, and cause a bad impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, in recent years, the design of hydraulic systems has been developed from multiple angles. The designers have increased the research on ecological hydraulic systems such as water pressure and vegetable oil, and are committed to making the design of the hydraulic system save costs, reduce oil consumption, and avoid oil leakage. Pollution provides a long-term mechanism for the sustainable development of my country's modern food industry.

Therefore, the concept of green design in food machinery is an inevitable product of social development. It is closely related to the healthy and stable development of the entire food industry. Application of it in food production can effectively improve the utilization of various resources and extend the shelf life of food. greatly reduce production cost of the product, the product can have a larger space for development in the wave of competition in the market economy in our country.

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