Single Head Fluid Linear Weigher(Bulk Weigher) is suitable for weighing corn, soybeans, rice, barley, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, beans and other small granules in food industry, light industry, chemical industry in bulk weight.

High Speed Single Head Fluid Linear Weighing Machine Bulk Weigher for Food


1. It's suitable for weighing material in bulk volume with high speed and high accuracy.

2. User-friendly HMI can be fast and easy take and store preselected weighing parameters for diffierent weighing range.

3. Easy operating. The operator can simply put on the bag and touch switch then the feeding, filling and unloading bags can be completed automatically finished.

4. Controller and AD module are in CAN bus communication mode, independent weighing process carried out by the AD module board, reducing controller communication time, make the weighing result feedback process more quickly.

5. Output ports use free port mode design, having a signal test function, easy to know about the equipment failure.

6. Detailed production records statistics functions.

Mechanical Character

1. The system uses high-precision loadcell. AD converter module is with operating frequency of 400 times/s, which is high accuracy and good stability.

2. Three feeding level and special control algorithms make the weighing speed more quickly and higher accuracy.

3. Automatic entrainment structure, convenient artificial fix bags, it's safe and more efficient.

4. Material contact parts are made of food-class stainless steel, more healthy, more environmental, and easier to wash and maintain.

Technical Specification

Identify CodeXL1-2-1
Weighing Range5-50Kg
Max Speed7-11P/M
Hopper Volume50L
Parameters Press No.100
Max Products Mixed1
Control Panel7”Touch Screen
OptionsConveyor Belt /bag sealer
Power Requirement220V/80W/50/60HZ/0.4A
Packing Dimension(mm)1250(L)x1150(W)x2280(H)
Gross Weight150kg

Product Details

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