8-track Electronic counting machine for counting granular pharmaceuticals, food, hardware, chemicals


8-track Electronic Counting Machine is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, hardware, chemicals, plastics, health products and other industries, to capsules, tablets,granules and other drugs or food candy, hardware, plastic pieces count.

Counting Machine


1.7-inch full-color touch screen, adjustable integral particle speed.

2.Man-machine interface, convenient operation.

3.Tack type, double channel design can increase the counting speeds.

4.100 sets of working parameter settings can be saved, no need to reset if the line change quickly.

5.Applicable to the demand of different shape products counting, easy to operate.

6.Counting parts rise or fall, can with stepless adjustment, adjustable range 50-250mm.

7.Dust protection cover to ensure hygiene for products.

8.Equipped with conveyor equipment to achieve docking with front and rear equipment.

9.Infrared electronic grain, automatically obtain the sensitivity value and material characteristics, convenient to set parameters.

10. High-speed CAN bus control, easy to expand the number of grain channels.

Mechanical character

1. The second-stage vibrating pan feeding can effectively control the material fluidity and continuity, and avoid the stacking of materials.

2. Double-channel control unit, which can realize optional switching and independent control of dual-outlet and single-outlet, which has greater flexibility.

3. Infrared electronic counting head, real-time monitoring of material passing conditions, high-speed resolution and rapid response.

4. The electric gate can realize the rapid interception of materials and ensure the accuracy of the counting.

5. One-button automatic up and down that can realize automatic matching different height of bottles, more intelligent operation.

Technical specification

Identify CodeSL8-1-1
Number Of Vibrating Tracks8
Drug Specificationsφ: 5-12mm   L: 5-25mm
Bottle Diameter20-100mm
Bottle Height40-240mm
Max Speed4000 pcs/min
Bottle Filling Speed10-60 bottle/min
Power Requirement220V/800W/50/60Hz/4A
Packing Dimension(mm)1350(L)x1400(W)x1790(H)
Gross Weight400kg

Product Details

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