Weighing Packaging Machinery Accessories Z conveyor,Inclined conveyor,Working platform,Finished product conveyor,Rotary Collecting Table,Vacuum Feeding Machine

JW-D1 Z conveyor and Inclined conveyor

 Z conveyor:

The conveyor is applicable for vertical lifting of granule material, such as corn. food, plastic and chemical industry, etc.

Convey speed: 5.5 m /h.

Convey height: 2000-3600mm.

Made of 304# stainless steel or painted steel.


Z conveyor

Inclined conveyor:

This Inclined Conveyor is for lifting material.

Chain plate type: suitable for large particles material conveying.

Belt type: suitable for a wide range of free flowing products conveying.

Max convey capacity: 5m /h

Convey height: 2000-3600mm


 Inclined conveyor

JW-D2 Working platform

The platform is compact stable and safe with guardrail and ladder.

Made of 304# stainless steel or painted steel.

Dimension:1900 (L) ×1900 (W) ×1800-2000 (H) mm.



JW-D3 Finished product conveyor

The machine is for transporting the finished products to the check machines and

packaging platform.


Convey volume: 1 m /h

Belt type and Chain type are optional.


 Finished product conveyor

JW-D4 Rotary Collecting Table

For collecting the finished products, and then take away by worker.
Diameter: 1000-1200mm

Height: 750-800mm


Rotary Collecting Table

Vacuum Feeding Machine

Driven by means of vacuum suction to transmit granular and powdered materials

transportation equipment, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, ceramics.

Max convey capacity: 9000kg/h

Convey height: 5000mm


Vacuum Feeding Machine

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