Thermal Transfer Overprinter installed on the packaging conveyor lines for printing


Thermal Transfer Overprinter is suitable for a variety of smooth flexible packaging film, PE, PVE, aluminum foil, labels and smooth paper, can be installed on the packaging, conveyor lines and other equipment.The following products are not applicable: bottles, cans, indicating rough paper and other uneven objects.

Thermal Transfer Overprinter


1. It is possible to create and edit label files such as text and calendar by editing software.

2. The characters such as the date of coding can be replaced according to the needs of the user.

3. It can carry out coding of one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, image and table.

4. Support the installation of various main Chinese and English vector fonts to meet the needs of personalized customization.

5. Support USB input file, support network cable to connect other devices to get printed content.

6. Flexible and reliable I/O input/output control.

7. Support USB input and output label files and update motherboard software.

Mechanical character

1. The touch screen user interface can be integrated with the packaging machine interface, make structure is more simple.

2. The unique ribbon box reel structure makes it easier to change the ribbon.

3. Easy-to-remove button-type open cover structure design make it quick installation and easy operation.

4. High-quality ribbon print head is stable and fast, good printing effect and strong compatibility.

5. Compatible with packaging equipment DC24V power supply, no external power supply box, which make structure more compact and stronger integrity.

6. Automatically detect the ribbon remaining device, automatically adjust the film angle, save the ribbon, and enhance the ribbon usage rate.

7. The perfect presentation of 300DPI, the coding effect is clear and firmed.

Technical specification

Identify CodeDM3275-1-1DM5375-1-1
Print Width32mm53mm
Printing Area(mm)75(L)x32(W)75(L)x53(W)
Print Speed160 times/min
Max Ribbon length600m
Power Requirement220V /240W/50/60Hz/1.2A
Packing Dimension(mm)650(L)x350(W)x350(H)
Gross Weight22kg

Product Details

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